Bar Bottino

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Reconstruction project of a bar in Vicolo del Bottino

The reconstruction of the small bar needed special care in order to create a new strong image that could drawn attention to it. The commercial activity is next to the underground station exit in Piazza di Spagna.

Because of the new new running business and the small dimension of the place, a more functional distribution of the working and storage areas and the optimization of the customer area were needed.

The main idea of the project was to create a continuous surface “floor-ceiling” that would have an independent structure, which is a very attractive element.

Thanks to the interweaved texture and overlapping layers of paint, the collaboration with the graphic designer Matteo Milaneschi allowed to give the architectural surface a proper harmonious nature.

The counter, which is a clean black corian solid, melts with the light bi-dimensional pictorial surface.

Embedded and suspended lights, giving both oblique and direct lighting, underline the architectural decorative motifs.

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  1. Christian says:

    Visual designer Matteo Milaneschi web site:

  2. Gentile Architetto , navigando in rete mi sono imbattuto nel Suo sito e sono rimasto colpito dalla qualità delle Sue realizzazioni. Mi è venuto dunque naturale scriverLe per proporre il mio laboratorio di alta decorazione come maestranza. Per visionare la qualità del nostro lavoro può visitare il sito . RinnovandoLe i miei complimenti La saluto cordialmente. Marco Napoletano Artmande

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